God vs US – Every action has a equal and opposite reaction

I am back would not be the right usage at this point since this is not a movie. Well i am lazy, got other priorities and due to xyz reasons blah blah blah. Anyways, thought of scribbling a few words about the recent happenings. A tragedy which came in the form of national disaster and incidents which followed the disaster, all these made me think, Why do we go to places in search of god when he is everywhere.

I am not an atheist, nor am i a person who writes about spirituality. I am that regular guy who goes to a temple and say hello to god now and then. I have been to many shrines in India, which are supposed to be special in their own ways. I had never experienced anything great there. There are some small temples, churches and other places of worship where people go and find peace. None of these so called special places have the ambience for praying or seeking inner peace or feeling of a sacred place, infact all these places have the look and feel of a commercial place. This is not because of the God, it is we who makes it like this. Remember we do things thinking we make God, God proves us we are wrong by natural disasters and things out of our control.

However good we are with our beliefs & habits, we Indians lack in basic etiquettes at public places like spitting, littering, breaking queues, violating traffic lights, swearing on the fellow driver on road are some of these. Most of the people who goes to a temple, mosque or church or gurudwara doesn’t think about any of the above behaviour or similar or worse behaviour until they are inside one of those places. Some of us forget the fact that we came to pray and not to moshpit(i have faced this in many sacred places). No one cares for any one and all are in a hurry to see God inside there, where as we don’t even know whether God consider any of these places sacred. We have made these places and surroundings impure with our filth(the waste we dispose, spit), greed and inhuman behaviour. When you are standing in a queue waiting to enter a place, you will feel the wave, the moshpit, people ready for stampede forgetting that they are in a sacred place. Are these behaviour expected to be the right behaviour in a sacred place? I don’t think so. But this is what we do, this is what highlights us in any crowd. Where are our manners?

Believe in God, worship in god, but god is in everyone and the best way to see god is to do one Randon Act of Kindness (what morgan freeman says in Evan Almighty), be kind to your fellow humans. Show a little bit of respect, love and affection. Whenever we go to sacred places, try to be a bit sober. Behave well, stand in a queue, help others. Stop littering, preserver nature; well anyone who read this will say. “Oh! Gimme a break, I dont do this.”  That is the reason why i wrote this post. We worship God, we do all those things which are not supposed to do while we forget to stick to the basic principles of living life humane and we expect God to be with us by spending money building places and statues.


We never think about our actions until that day when something really bad happens. The earthquakes, the tsunamis, now this flashflood; All of these happened due to our rudeness towards Mother nature. We might be members of different organizations which are supposed to do something good about mother nature, support poor, people who are suffering and all that. I am sure most of us are good doing these online, but what about real life? Are we the same like we proclaim in the Online social media sites? Take a second to think about these things. The day we start caring for others, the day we show the patience to let others overtake, the day we learn to stand in a queue, the moment we learn the fact that we need to keep our holy places clean and tidy, the moment we feel to keep our surroundings clean, the moment we start thinking about keeping ourselves calm and the moment we reduce our greed quotient and start preserving our environment, that is the beginning of our life. That is when we can actually think that God will listen to us.

I am no preacher, i am not an atheist either, i am what i am . I am a simple common man who worships god, who visits places of worship when i feel like or under pressure from my parents or may be just for visiting, seeing, feeling the place. But, when i visit, i visit with an open heart so that i can find what i want and thank him what i am now & what i have. i haven’t gone crazy, i wrote this because i am saint, MetalSaint. That is who i am, What my Online Identity means, like all saints, for this one time, i am writting about this. Live in present, we don’t know what is there for tomorrow. God is Omnipresent is the fact, we knows it, but hates to believe it. We believe in god, but we forget God.

Disclaimer: Whatever written here is my thoughts, feelings and ideas. I have no clue and dont care about what others think about what i wrote.

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Festival of Lights or Crackers?

When it comes to festivals, two things we indians do; One being loud music and second being bursting fire crackers on public places. Both of these happens on public places and hence can be considered as public nuisance, but why no stopping to it, even when we all are educated and aware of the side effects?

Fire crackers on diwali is a scary dream for animals too. People often find it funny to hurt an animal by tying crackers to its tail or some thing worse. Irrespective of the warnings, alerts, call for humanity and all social practices, we humans forget the fact that we are celebrating, not fighting a war. 10 housing societies in a line means 10*zillion watts of nonsense music till late night which keeps the old people, unwell people, heart patients, babies and more people awake. Why are we not celebrating in a sound proof room?

My suggestion: You like music, you love society, you love social gathering with music and dance? Do a bit, next time when a new Housing complex is built, please make a compulsory inclusion of a sound proof conference hall/auditorium for celebrations like this.

Crackers  are made of chemicals and too much of them causes the air polluted. If smoking is injurious to health, then crackers are injurions multiplied by zillion.Crackers can cause burns if not bursted properly. Why we need a noisy celebration, why not a more cheerful one by feeding the poor and greedy, spending more on family and keep them happy, buy something new useful for your family and if still you have money to spend, take your family for a vacation. Why this Crackers? Most of us love crackers, i stopped using them at a point when i felt i need to do something to show an example. People make fun of me for not bursting crackers, but i feel better now. I am part of a better cause, i am doing by bit. Whether it is going to be a success or failure, that is immaterial. The time has come to wish you all A Happy and Joyous(Safe) Diwali with less crackers(no crackers).

May be i sound weird, but there will be a day when you will feel the same thing which i feel now.Image

Another Day which turned the night upside down

The inevitable always chases me with a unknown aggression. Clueless and confused as to why i am being targeted by Murphy the great; Morning started with an alarm followed by a missing access card which is the sole representation of myself inside the attendance management system. Search and investigation continued until noon, but things happened much before that. With the news of missing access card, i reached office and called my Boss for a cup of tea and some hot news about the happy news of being victimized for someone’s incapability or over smartness. Again, bad time and tsunami tide waits for no one’s permission or pleasure, they just appear and make everything disappear.

Work load =0, work =999999 multiplied by infinity. Knowledge about what to do <<< What is happening. Yes, that ain’t a big deal when compared to what happened a year back and all that, but still. Worst part, after a working sunday(week back) Over night working friday, which is a potential threat which can eventually trigger a war at home and i believe it already did. 

Work is always fun, issues at work is more fun and troubleshooting is epic, but staying up whole night sitting at office, helping others for someone else’s work and that someone has gone on vacation ignoring the fact that others are gonna get spanked at work. Well, apart from all these, ALl izz Well and All will be..

Blog is a good option for  releasing frustration…

The Dark Knight Rises- Why Reviews, Why not watch it?

A movie which most of us were eagerly waiting from Christopher Nolan one of the best directors in Hollywood, The Dark Knight Rises is another work which displays the Genius in Nolan. There were mixed reviews about this movie in some sites, but after watching this movie, what i understood is not to read & follow reviews and not to write a review, but to enjoy the moment while you are watching this. Hence this post is not a review of the movie. 

I am not luckier to watch the movie in IMax since i am in the Delhi – NCR where there is no IMAX. Still, i loved the movie in the normal theater. In fact, the moment movie started, i was in Gotham City, never felt i am inside the theater.

Why you shouldn’t listen to Reviews?

Reviews are written by an  individual. Irrespective of however talented, experienced, educated and how good his publication is, he is a human. Like every other human, the probability of emotions overcoming the creativity and work which in turn makes him write it humanely forgetting the job and that is what happens to most of the reviews, exceptions are there. Am using a simple logic, we all are humans and nothing we do is perfect. Reviews are good as an opinion, a suggestion but never a final word.

Why Watch this movie?

Sheer brilliance and imagination and the way it is presented. Each and every single shot, scene has its own identity. A person who goes to watch the movie will always love and enjoy it, but if you are going expecting that this is similar to The Joker part or in a mood to criticize the movie, you are never going to enjoy it. Now this is my suggestion, my thought and final decision will always be the one who is going to watch it.

Awakening and the rising

The Dark Knight Rises is releasing this weekend, so is my blog rising. I neither is the Dark Knight not even a Knight. Anyhow, the decision of making this place active happened seconds ago. This ain’t an announcement, but a reminder to self.

Months passed since i have written something here and so i came  up with this. Why am i so busy? What exactly am i doing to be so busy? To be frank, nothing other than watching T.V, surfing the web, facebook, bbm, random reads and some time with my sweetheart and yes, still there should be some time left for me to write these words here. Being busy is a disease which may lead us to a syndrome in future where we won’t be able to find time for our family, hobbies, passion or anything we like and the years go on. We become old, we might have achieved enough to earn enough, may be a little fame, a family where you always take strategic decisions for the smooth running of the same and to avoid conflicts between like poles and unlike poles and all circuses like that and become old eventually. What then? You start missing those moments which were supposed to be the best ones. You start comparing your life and eventually gift one self with the looser tag and start advising others.Yeah! You actually are marketing your failed past where you forgot to live and was busy earning nickel and you end up as a looser and start expecting the next generation to be smarter than you. 

But is that worthy? Is that it? Is the next generation going to be smarter? They may be smarter enough to earn more nickel, but again if they follow this advice, they are also going to end up the miserable way of loosing the grip. This is the Indian way of living where you say you are living, you sacrificed for others, you did so many things for the family, parents blah blah blah and in the end you feel bad that you missed so many good things in life. This is a epidemic which is spreading throughout generations in most of the indian families especially family like mine, The typical Middle class ones. 

Anyway, my fight has started, i want to live life the way i want to. I want to do things, whether it is against someone’s wish or not, but i will do it. I will travel, loose money travelling, eating and all. I will follow my passion  and hobbies, i will try to live life and make it a memorable for me and my life partner. I am going to fight and LIVE LIFE…yes, The Awakening or The Rising…


Now, This all depends on God..for some of us its the USA or their reforms on IT sourcing and H1 visa’s 😉


One Click and all gone KAPUT – How a careless click can screw online accounts/Online Identity?

Today’s world, where people of all age groups spend time playing video games, watching television, eating junkfood and watching games on television rather than playing outside. When you add a virtual network of friends to the above menu, then it means a Bean Bag+ laptop + Internet Connection can make you happy in today’s world and that too when you can order anything and everything online and pay online. This world is creating people who are going to be too much dependent, not curious or prepared for a situation where none of these things work. 

If there is gonna be a war between two nations, it can be done online by hacking into the other country’s network, bringing down the network or sent wrong instructions through the network to the people or even by sending a threatening message to people in the other country using Social Media. The last one , the social media one..this can happen and i am sure that atleast half of the social media user’s from that nation will take that message seriously. This simple incident can create chaos and panic situation all over. Any wrong information passed through the internet when conveyed to too many people will spread like wildfire because of the intensity of the message and people trying to figure out the truth using internet and not trying to do it offline or using common sense. Good example for situation like this is The viral videos which are spreading through internet; A senseless song which is sung in a weird way by some smart people spread faster than a virus and became super hit and created a new trend worldwide. The same way the recent Kony Video which people share because others have shared it and not because that they know the exact message inside that video. 

I am not writing this to prove a point, but i am writing this to remind myself aswell as others and ask some questions to all:

How many of you click on URL’s blindly or Share things blindly on Social networking sites because someone from your friend-list did so?  

How many of you still believe in “Free IPAD/IPHONE Give AWAYS”?

How many of you still respond to the mail to become “KIN of a Dead King” and get his Wealth?

How many of you still believe that watching Porn on Daily Motion and Sharing it on social media sites is cool ?

How many of you are still clicking to see the Video where some girl caught on Cam by her DAD?

Why this Kolaveri? 

In a world where most of us are working on computers in one way or other and are aware about the latest gadgets and all cool stuff, but Illiterate about websecurity and account hacking, a Careless Click can loose your online identity. If you have linked all your online stuff to a common account and that account goes kaput, then you sit crying singing the hit song not to memorize or because you like it, but because you got screwed by a smart ass, remember one thing. A Simple Click can change your life from good to bad and bad to worse. Also not every thing in internet has an UNDO button, once your account is hacked, it is hacked forever. Same way once you share things without reading and later on some one else looks at you with the weird smile, That weird smile you get when you share something stupid on your social media profile(like an adult video) there is no escaping from that. Like i wrote, Once Careless Click can make you the most stupid person on earth. Things are not going to stop here, the world is all about integrating things and making life easier. Future is about a single remote to control everything at your home other than living things and what happens if you commit the careless mistake there?  Think about these situations and try to surf web more carefully. Remember, forwarding an email won’t give a kid its life back or sent money to someone’s account unless someone is the person who runs the email company. Remember, Security is effective only if the user is smart, a stupid user can screw the security software and a bring down security company because of his stupidity & carelessness..

Be smart & Surf smart.




Adieu to Bachelorhood..

Today, 20th Jan 2012 will be the last day where i will be living as single. Tomorrow it is a new beginning for me. A new chapter of life beginning with a new person in my life. 

This time even the Old saying is not applicable..the one regarding change(Change is the only constant thing in my life)Day after onwards there won’t be any change, but additions, updates will be happening.  Some people say its a lot of excitement, some say it is a lifetime full of tension some others says it is The Life and Me..I will just smile and wave at them. Whatever or however it is,i will take it the way it comes and twist it in a way where i can live with my Life partner or in short my life peacefully, happily and all that.

So the story is simple, Its as simple as written below with the links and all.

he time has come for me to announce with Immense pleasure that Myself and Lakshmi Balachandran will be tying the knot on the 21st of Jan 2012. http://www.mywedding.com/gauthamandlakshmi/ 

Well, This post ain’t a disclaimer, but i would like to see how long this post remains true for me. 

The beginning of new episode will be uploaded soon with some pics… 

Friday The 13th

This is not about the movie, nor about the date. Contrary to my self, i woke up at 5am. Now early morning or late night, the only place you can be is Twitter. Logged in as usual, checking out and posting some updates. Then i noticed the date, its 13th and a Friday. Well, the election results are coming out today & we are gonna be doomed for net 5 years, Irrespective of who wins.

Election is more like a festival i think. People wait for this day, the day of counting the number of votes or in other words; The day of counting the number of mistakes by individuals. Decision making is an art & there are many people who are very good at it. They may be the leaders of an organization, ahead of the curve. But when it comes to election, every single decision taken(every single vote) will turn into a wrong decision. This ain’t because there is no skill in decision making, it’s because the options are like that.

Am a proud owner of a Voter’s Id which apparently is used as a identity proof and not for casting vote. This election is just like any other election where people expect something to happen & politicians do things they want to do. The power of social media has changed plenty of things, but politics? Will there be a change? Will the 5 states get a new government with better plans for the citizens?  Let us hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst.

Whatever we dream is not the reality, even if the dream is realistic.

Emotional hibijibies

This is a rely by the famous Alien robot Ooptimus Prime reporting for MarsTV.

The Tale of M & P

Money & Power is two addictions all working people possess. I witnessed some scenes regarding the same. Appraisal cycle is the most awaited moment other than seeing your new born baby i believe. People wait for 1 -2 months for getting the appraisal letter. Mars, the system is different, infact we don’t have appraisals.

Yesterday i was able to see several small & big groups discussing rather than sitting and working. Curiosity made me go and check out what is happening. So the news is out, they are getting the letters today. Letters? Why are people so happy about getting a letter? What is the secret content in the letter that is making them so happy? I started digging up for details & got to know that it is the appraisal letter. Being a man who is not eligible for the same, there is no point of me to get happy. Moreover, i need to hide these trend from the other aliens to avoid chaos.

Seeing humans so happy for the first time in a office where people are not interested in their own or others work and are busy gossiping about all crap made me happy. Not for the same reason, but for the reason to see their emotions after receiving the letters. yes, this planet is filled with people who are too much or not at all emotional. Nothing moderate.

Time passed by & the environment started getting more intense. Faces of people with expressions of going to win an Oscar or Golden Globe. The tension and pressure was quite visible. Around 3pm, every eye started focusing on one target, some zooming, some using their telescopic view and some using infrared vision in day time and the target was none other than printer.

3 people and a HR near the printer taking print outs. People whispering in small groups making the sound of a cricket stadium. I also became one among them. Forgot about my peace mission & ass kicking festival. A man with some covers passed by showing the covers & i could hear the crowd cheering him. Manager of some group. Soon the conference rooms became occupied. Victims went into the conference room with faces like they are gonna face a live execution in front of them. I wish, i had my cam there to record these moments to make a movie in Mars & i could have won the Marscasr there.  Some came out happily waving their letter, some came with their heads down, some others came out showing the action of tearing the cover. If i write about the whole bunch of people, i have to sit & write for a month. I am not jobless and hence this is what i can give, the rest use your imagination.

Again the group discussions started and can hear people releasing their frustration on their seniors, seniors on their and the chain goes on like a bunch of kids playing Ring a – Ring a Roses. I also started to take part in their so called serious discussion. Even though i don’t know anything, i also wanted to be a part of them. Time passed by its almost past the normal office hours. Blame game was going on, i thought of starting a BPL league there, yes Blame Premier league.

Appraisal is a process of measuring your value using the available data. The data will differ from people to people & that is the best part. If one start to compare that with the next person, then it will end up like a infinite loop of blame game. Am not saying you should compromise for your skills, but not everyone should react because other person got better. Even if the company did a mistake, it is not to be discussed in public. Better to talk to boss in a one – one discussion.  The above scenes made me think about how greedy human’s are. A person who used to live  happily with 5000RS started to earn 30000. Now on appraisal he got a hike of 80000 and is still not happy because he got bigger plans. No one likes to adapt to live as per what they get, they expect to get what they dream to make sure they live happily.

Human’s their emotions and their survival all depends on the money and power. Power alone won’t make anyone happy, Money is a very big factor. The cost of living has increased and that is the reason behind the outrage. Rage against the employer is a common thing seen across the companies is what a friend told me. I being an alien robot can never understand the logic though.

Money & Power is all one need. It is their identity, personality, ambition and all in all life. No one is wrong here, not every body is right here.

This is Ooptimus Prime reporting from India.

Disclaimer: The above post is my views and i got the right to write it. Bear with it.